Cutting Board Rack

Cutting Board Rack. When looking online to find what kind of cutting block or board you should acquire, you will find a whole lot of various internet sites discussing whether wood or plastic is better or much more sanitary. In my viewpoint, as long as you are taking treatment of your cutting board correctly, either option is just as sanitary.

The Plastic followers highlight the convenience of taking care of a plastic board rather than wood. For example, a plastic cutting board can be used in the dishwasher, while a wood board should not. They likewise explain that because plastic is non-porous, it is much less most likely to soak up any microorganisms from the food (contaminating the following food that is used on the cutting board). Plastic boards likewise have a price advantage over wooden cutting boards.

Wood cutting boards usually get stuck to the negative representative of absorbing microorganisms – nevertheless, research studies have actually found that the microorganisms that gets soaked up by the wood does not endure in the wood, so it will not infect future food. In my viewpoint, a wood board is worth the extra money because it is a financial investment. A wood board is much more resilient (particularly when made from teak wood) and will last you much longer than plastic.


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