Custom Plastic Cutting Boards

Custom Plastic Cutting Boards. Currently much like everybody below my spouse as well as I have possessed several plastic cutting boards they are not to expensive as well as they get the job done, but they will dull your knives in no time at all. Keeping that stated they do involve an excellent cleaning when used as well as newer studies have revealed that they actually hold germs some say that the plastic surface will even urge the growth of germs. Currently I can not say that I have ever obtained ill from making use of plastic boards but my spouse as well as I have the tendency to scrub them really good after utilizing them as well as we do not allow food to rest there for very long.

Wood cutting boards as well as butcher blocks have been around since mid 1800 before that they used pieces of wood or tree rounds for butcher blocks. End grain butcher blocks are still made today. You will not uncover them used readily but will locate them in homes. With little research study done, they outlawed them from commercial usage. Researches now reveal us that wood is a remarkable cutting surface. That germs only lives for regarding 3 mins on wood boards.


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