Custom Glass Cutting Boards

Custom Glass Cutting Boards. When looking online to locate what kind of cutting block or board you should acquire, you will certainly locate a great deal of various internet sites questioning whether wood or plastic is much better or extra hygienic. In my point of view, as long as you are taking care of your cutting board appropriately, either option is similarly hygienic. I own and make use of both a plastic and wood board. The difference, to me, is that my plastics are quickly exchangeable, whereas my wood has actually stayed with me for a long period of time and is not just an useful kitchen tool, but the ideal accent piece for the design of my kitchen.

The Plastic followers highlight the ease of taking care of a plastic board as opposed to wood. For instance, a plastic cutting board could be made use of in the dishwashing machine, while a wood board should not. They additionally point out that because plastic is non-porous, it is much less likely to absorb any type of microorganisms from the food (infecting the next food that is made use of on the cutting board). Plastic boards additionally have a rate benefit over wood cutting boards.

Wood cutting boards usually get stuck with the bad rep of taking in microorganisms – nevertheless, researches have actually located that the microorganisms that gets soaked up by the wood does not endure in the wood, so it will certainly not contaminate future food. In my point of view, a wood board deserves the money because it is an investment. A wooden board is extra long lasting (particularly when made from teak wood) and will certainly last you much longer compared to plastic.


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